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What can Digital Marketing Technology do for your business?

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There are currently 6829 different technology platforms available to digital marketers. The Supergraphic available at chiefmartec.com breaks these down.The fact that 6,829 marketing technology solutions exist, demonstrates the ever-widening role of paid, owned and earned media activity.

Marketing teams nationwide are going to have to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) in all of the work that they do, so they might as well invest in the solutions which will havea tangible effect on both improving ROI and helping to measure it.

One example of an organisation that has used marketing technology to full effect is Slimming World. This organisation took full advantage of Cision’s services to integrate a variety of measurement and research techniques to evaluate the efficacy of one of their campaigns ‘Dream Weight’.

By measuring the changes in brand recognition and reputation, tracking website visits and sign ups, and linking this to media analysis that outlined reach, tone and quality, Slimming World were able to understand how campaign messaging was resonating, who they were influencing and the direct impact of their communications.

Technology was instrumental in helping Slimming World acheieve organisational objectives that are also able to demonstrate how it helped which is very important in the new data-driven realm.

So Google is stepping in. As part of a new set of best practices, the company will start factoring user experience into its search results, as well as the top stories feature in mobile search. Google is no longer just optimizing for information that’s closest to your keywords, but optimizing for a more delightful web. Intuitive, user-friendly page design is about to become even more important.

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